Believing You are Going to Win The Lottery

Believing You are Going to Win The Lottery

How many times have you had a GUT feeling about something and You were Right? You couldn’t really say how or why you knew…. your heart just told you so.

This sensation has been slowly an Overcoming one.  I have slowly become overtaken by a Deep Feeling that I am acually going to win the Lottery here in Arkansas.  I’m almost sick to my stomach the feeling is such an incredible high within my mind.  I have never been a gambler.  My mom and sister used to fly to Las Vegas OFTEN to play and win.  I went to Casinos with them a couple of times many years ago, and was NOT impressed.  I just never really cared anything about it.  When the Lottery came to Arkansas I began playing the Lottery.  I always said that if we ever finally got the lottery that I would at least play it.  It is for a great cause after all – education. 
Why and how have I suddenly started Believing that I am actually going to win the Lottery?  My whole outlook of my future has taken a turn in my heart and soul now that I am destined to win very soon.  I just KNOW it.  I have never had this feeling before.  I must admit it feels so good.  It’s a peace within my soul that tells me… soon…. very soon…  God has a special plan for me and now I am ready for this next step which involves winning a big chunk in the lottery which will take me and my family to new places to do God’s work.  I feel that all of the steps and changes in my life to become a better person have now led up to this time in my life.  I am just supposed to win so that I am able to be in the places God needs to use me now.  Also, I mean… why shouldn’t I win?  Why Can’t I be THAT LUCKY?  Take a good look around you.  There are so many LUCKY people out there why can’t I be so lucky as so many of those?  I CAN BE!!  There is nothing stopping me from winning – other than if there were no lottery anymore.  I, of course, understand that I cannot go around telling everyone that I know I am going to win.  They would all think I am crazy.  Sometimes I DO feel I am crazy for simply believing this, but God has placed this realization in my heart.  After I win I will be able to share that somehow I just knew I was going to win.  It’s going to be an incredible journey.  The sick feeling in my gut is partly from the fear of not knowing, but more from the excitement that God has chosen me to have this wonderful experience in my lifetime!  I know that Dreams really can come true!  Anticipation can be overwhelming at times.  I can be that 1 in Millions – and so can you!  I am ready and soooooo thankful!

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OmG, posted this comment on May 5th, 2010

I know how you feel. I ALWAYS had a feeling in my mind that I would win the lottery but it’s only now that I come to realize that the day is closer than what I am expecting. See, just like you, I believe in the law of attraction. I believe that if WE believe that we are going to win WE WILL. I know I sound crazy, but it’s true. Take for example, as a child, there was always a gift that you wanted, sure you might have mentioned it to your parents or family members but the point is you got that gift that you wanted. You imagined yourself having it, playing with it etc. The same basic concept would apply to winning the lottery. If you want it BELIEVE you want it. The chances aren’t 1 in 234,234,524, it’s 50/50 either you win it or you don’t.

sam, posted this comment on May 22nd, 2010

i knd now this might sound crazy,but i always get this gut feeling that i am about to win. i have not won the lottery yet but i honestly know i will.:-)

yo, posted this comment on Jun 23rd, 2010

lol at convincing yourself that you will win. how about being sooo luck that lighting hits you… you don\\\’t think about it flip sided do you? you lil greedy bitch. plus the lotto has always been in arkansas.

Amber, posted this comment on Sep 23rd, 2010

Wow People are so rude. We would all love to win the lotto and a lucky few have the intuition that they WILL actually win. Look at Brad Duke, a 34 year old from Idaho. He believed he would win the lottery and then 3 years later HE DID win a lump sum of $85 Million Dollars. He studied the numbers,made his own system and HIT! It has nothing to do with Greed or Being dumb. First off buying a ticket supports schools, Also most winners make a substantial donation to a cause.

winnerware, posted this comment on Nov 15th, 2010

I second the motion to Amber. I’d rather be greedy (feeling GOOD and excited about something), than to be jealous or envious (which is like tackier and more pathetic than greed itself). The “greedy” ones gets it all, whereas the jealous are the sore losers.

RoAnne, posted this comment on Jan 13th, 2011

stay happy and all ur dreams will come true…who cares about the money…its about what ur building with it…think truely and the worlds famine will feed remorcelessly..

Nancy, posted this comment on Apr 3rd, 2011

No one wants to hear your cussing guttermouth (the ones that cuss) be quiet if you have to talk like that not everyone talks like you… I can tell you are closed minded to go off at the mouth like that.

Silvia, posted this comment on Apr 26th, 2011

@ Nancy…I agree

Nikki, posted this comment on Jul 13th, 2011

My God when I read this I almost wanted to cry, no one has ever said it better I could have wrothe that, thats exactly how I feel. I feel it in my soul my mind, my body, and my spirit it’s so overwhelming aat times. I know it’s God, I knwo he has a plan for me and my family, I feel he’s giving me Ideas of what I should do with the money when it come and I will I will do his work. I just can’t believe that someone else has the exact same feelings. Down to when you said you feel you can’t really share it with others because you feel they will say your crazy, I know that feeling I do talk to my family about it sometimes but they have no idea of what I really feel. I feel that my whole life has in someway been a lesson leading me to become the woman I am today a woman that God want me to be. well I would love to know if you won and thank you because I know now I’m not alone in this and that make me feel a little better (unless were both crazy lol). May God truly bless you and good luck to you :)

Rich, posted this comment on Aug 10th, 2011

But if you all believe you will win – how can it happen? how many people do you know who play the lottery who have not won? I don’t think I’ve ever come across someone else who has won, let alone two people who have ever had contact with each other who both win in their lifetime.
Think about that then – if one person who has read this blog wins, then noone else who’s read it will.

Leslie, posted this comment on Aug 13th, 2011

I feel the same way, the gut feeling and how God has something planned for me and my family. Helping the less fortunate and, well just taking care of people who need help. I would do so much, I always say I would go broke helping everyone else. That would be ok with me, I would feel complete and have all my loved ones taken care of would be the best feeling ever, kind of like winning the lottery over and over again :) Keep positive and always believe great things, and always remember God is always their in all ways.


Ann Davy, posted this comment on Dec 8th, 2012

I too believe that I will win the lottery Jackpot any day now.

Good luck to you and God bless you. Ann

Jcollier, posted this comment on Dec 12th, 2012

I truly feel the same way… Almost a obsession. Have faith,believe, and imagine what you would do if you won the lottery. You can’t win if you don’t play. Best of luck to all!

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